Home Inspection Services

With so many great reasons to work with APROtected, why would you choose someone else?


Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Conducted prior to listing your house on the market. This provides insight into areas of enhancement or repair that potential buyers might expect or request.

It is assumed that if conditions or situations are discovered by the home inspector, the buyers’ inspector will also call attention to the same area.

This will give the seller time and opportunity to make the corrections or find a contractor of their choice to perform the work. This home inspection may save you from last-minute negotiations or concessions to the buyer. 



Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Provides the buyer peace of mind and some insight as to the condition of the home and what, if any, corrections or repairs may be needed.

We want to ensure that your home is in favorable operating condition before you move in, and you have some idea of what may be required in the future.

With 20 years combined experience in residential construction, insurance and home inspecting you’re APROtected home Inspectors bring a wealth of knowledge to each inspection and combines it with the latest technology to offer superior service. A pre-purchase home inspection looks at many aspects of the home including foundation, accessible framing, roof systems, plumbing and electrical, the heating and cooling systems, insulation and many more areas. Your home inspector will inspect all of those areas you didn’t have time to look at when you were busy finding that perfect house. There are so many factors to consider when finding your new home. Most buyers don’t have the time and some don’t have the knowledge to look at the areas which may have issues. When hiring APROtected for a pre-purchase home inspection we do the dirty work for you. We will bring along years of experience in the construction, insurance, and home inspection industry.

Your home inspection will meet and in most cases exceed the NACHI Standards. From the roof to the foundation if it’s accessible APROtected will evaluate the different areas of the home. Applying our years of residential construction and insurance background, and give you a computer generated report with color photos the same day as the inspection by email. 



Insurance Inspections

Insurance companies often require a Wind Mitigation or a Four-Point Inspection prior to ensuring your home to ensure you receive the discount you deserve.

This is not an in-depth complete home inspection but for insurance purposes and your information only. 



Investor Home Inspections

Recommended at least every two years for those who own rental properties or second homes.

Costly repairs maybe avoided when you are informed about maintenance and repair issues.

It also aids in the budgeting for replacement items. 


New Construction Inspection

As your new home nears the final stages of construction, an inspection may bring attention to areas that should be corrected prior to moving in.

It is easier and more time efficient to address these issues while areas of the home are un-furnished and accessible and you have the attention of the contractor.

Builder Warranty Inspection

certified inspection expertSo you purchased a new home and you’re considering a builders warranty inspection. You’re on the right track. Builders warranty’s in Florida don’t last very long and many are only valid for the first twelve months. So it’s extremely important to have the home inspected. Most builders will encourage you to have an inspection at some point in owning the home. It’s encouraged to have an inspection prior to the warranty expiring, whether you had an inspection prior to closing or not. Some issues just don’t present themselves until the home has been lived in for a while.

APROtected Home Inspectors provide comprehensive builders warranty inspections so you can submit a report to your builder for repairs. Together with your experience of 10-11 months of living in the home combined with the years of construction and inspecting experience that APROtected brings to every inspection, we can work to investigate the current and potential issues that are visible in the home.

What’s covered in a builders warranty inspection, here’s a brief list of the many items inspected?

Structural – from the roof  to the foundation and in the attic.

Electrical – the main electric panel, sub-panels, receptacles, and their connected devices

Roof – the installation of the roofing materials, the flashing, the gutters, and the ventilation

Plumbing –the water heater all connected fixtures (sinks, tubs toilets)

Heating – the heating system is run and checked for proper operation and installation

Cooling- the cooling system is run and checked for proper operation and installation (during some cold days the system can not be run so the inspection of the cooling system is limited)

Interiors – builders warranties usually cover nail pops and some cosmetic defects so we help to point those out along with checking out all of the accessible items from doors to floor covering, to cabinets and windows and a long list of other items

Exteriors – The exterior is an inspection of multiple items some of which fall under the previously listed items, other items are the siding or brick, windows, grading, and a long list of other items.

Appliances- We all install appliances that are part of your contract.


How Can We Guarantee an Inspection?

That’s easy – We’re more thorough. We take our time. We’re not trying to rush through your home inspection to get to the next one. That often means we find defects the other guys don’t. And that can mean the seller, not you, will pay for the repairs. And because we’re more thorough, our fees tend to be a bit higher. So you can pay a higher fee and get a more thorough inspection, or you can save some money by hiring the cheap home inspector, and maybe spend thousands more to fix the things the cheap inspector missed. “We feel so strongly that you’ll be satisfied with our home inspection service and our inspection report.” This home inspection is an important step in your life and we understand that we want to make sure you have an enjoyable inspection experience. This Guarantee is one more way to demonstrate to you our desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations